Best Places to Walk and Jog in Shreveport-Bossier City

It’s a finally a new year, and for many that means hope, inspiration, and determination in the form of new year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to eat better and prepare home cooked meals, or you might want to check-off bucket list vacations after it is safe to travel. Personally, I plan to lose the weight I gained in 2020, and I hope to accomplish this by walking!

Shreveport-Bossier City has some incredible trails and beautiful landscapes, perfect for a peaceful stroll with the family or a high intensity jog with your dog! Here are a few of our favorites:

A.C. Steere Park

Address: 4009 Youree Dr, Shreveport, La. 71105
Length: 3/8 mile
Dog Friendly: Yes
Intensity: Easy
Hours: 7am-11pm (not open during school hours)

A.C. Steere is an elementary school and park in the heart of the Broadmoor neighborhood, founded in 1929 by A.C. Steere. The school itself has Spanish influences that can be seen in the Hacienda style roof and exterior, as well as the church across Youree Drive. Since the 17 acres were donated by Mr. Steere, he requested the buildings maintain the same architecture in the area.

The concrete track is 3/8 of a mile long (there are faded paint markings on the concrete to measure distance) and surrounds an inclusive playground for children of all abilities and open fields used for soccerbaseballfootball, lacrosse, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and a wide assortment of other activities and special interests. Also located along the track is a tennis court and older playground closer to Preston Ave.

The hours are 7am-11pm, but only half of the track is well lit at night. The track is also closed during school hours since the elementary school hosts recess outside.

Parking for the park and track can be accessed from Youree Drive, Preston Ave, or northbound on Grover Pl.

Betty Virginia Park

Address: 3901 Fairfield Ave, Shreveport, La. 71129
Length: 0.869 miles
Dog Friendly: Yes
Intensity: Easy, but slight hills on the west side.
Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Betty Virginia Park was given to the city by A.C. Steere in honor of his two daughters, Betty and Virginia.

This local-frequented walking path in the heart of the South Highlands neighborhood loops around several fields and a playground for children. It is a concrete track with a few different paths to choose from, but the widest path is 0.869 miles in length. On the west side (opposite the playground) the track becomes slightly hilly, and joggers/walkers should be aware of cyclists also using the track.

The track is not lit and is closed when its dark.

Red  National Wildlife Refuge

Address: 150 Eagle Bend Point, Bossier City, La. 71112
Length: Various (.2 mile – 1.4 mile, 5 miles total)
Dog Friendly: Yes (On Leash)
Intensity: Easy
Hours: Dawn to Dusk

The Red River National Wildlife Refuge is full of lightly trafficked trails in Bossier City, La. that features a lake, and at times views of the Red River. You can access these trails by parking at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge via Arthur Ray Teague Parkway. As this is a wildlife refuge, you may see all kinds of critters on your hike! If you want to research the wildlife before you go (and what to do if you encounter an alligator or snake), please visit

BONUS: The Red River National Wildlife Refuge is hosting a special project along the Story Trail! Every month a new story is hand picked by Ranger Terri, to encourage children to spend more time outside while appreciating the art and literature these wild places have inspired.  Many of these stories take place in ecosystems across the globe and transport you into another world.

Please remember to leave only footprints, take only photos. Leave everything on the trail and in the mailbox for others to enjoy!

To find out more about this project, join their group on Facebook at

Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway Trail

Start: Across the from SciPort Discovery Center
End: Hamel Memorial Park
 13.3 Miles
Dog Friendly: Yes
Moderate (-11% (downhill) to 14% (uphill) grade) Its hilly friends!
Dawn to Dusk

This scenic, asphalt path is parallel to the Red River on the Shreveport Side! It is very easy to navigate, and you can start wherever you please. This trail will take you from Riverview Park in downtown Shreveport to Hamel Memorial Park, located just before the Jimmy Davis Bridge. There are ADA-compliant parking spots with access aisles at the large, paved lots around the Aquarium and Regional Visitors Center by the trailhead. There are several other paved lots along the route, especially at Stoner Boat Launch and at the trails end.

Arthur R. Teague Trail

Start: Diamond Jacks Casino
End: Red 
River National Wildlife Refuge
Length: 6.6 Miles
Dog Friendly: Yes
Intensity: Easy
Hours: Dawn to Dusk

This asphalt walking path stretches from the Diamond Jacks Casino parking lot to the Red River National Wildlife Refuge. It runs parallel to the Red River on the Bossier City side, and at times, has incredible views of the river. A pedestrian bridge crosses Arthur Ray Teague Parkway, connecting this trail to the huge Brookshire Grocery Arena parking lot and adjacent park (2 small concrete loops, and ponds with fountains and ducks). There is not much shade on this path, so be sure to wear sunscreen!



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